Congratulations to Wendy Jann & Jennifer Sutman!

Everyone at Conejo Public Art, Art Trek and Arts Council of the Conejo Valley would like to congratulate Wendy Jann and Jennifer Sutman on their Conejo Cottontail sculpture being placed at The Shoppes in Westlake Village this past Friday.

The sculpture is entitled Conglio al Tramonto "Rabbit at Sunset", a fresco style collaboration between Jann and Sutman.  Intertwining their artistic skills to create a stunning piece of public art for the community. 

Artist Spotlight: Wendy Jann & Jennifer Sutman

Wendy Jann - left, Jennifer Sutman - right

Wendy Jann - left, Jennifer Sutman - right

After long time friends and tennis partners, Wendy Jann and Jennifer Sutman learned of the Conejo Cottontails project, they quickly decided to work together.  They pooled their talents with Jen's keen eye for color and Wendy's skill in plaster.  The two determined to decorate their cottontail in lime plaster in the Fresco style of the Old Masters while capturing the colors and beauty found in the sunsets and terrain of the Conejo Valley. 

The next time you see a cottontail nibbling at your flowers with the glow of the sunset on his back, they hope you think of their sculpture, "Coniglio al Tramonto" (Rabbit in the Sunset).