Conejo Cottontails

Picture This!

We envision an outdoor, family-oriented public art project with 5'6" fiberglass cottontail rabbits, painted by local artists and purchased by local businesses, organizations and individuals.  A kick-off celebration for all ages will spark interest within our community.  Maps showing the cottontails' locations will include sponsors' and purchasers' names, recognizing the goodwill of donors and investors.  

Why Cottontail Rabbits?

In the 1800s, a Spanish governor granted 48,000 acres of land to two loyal soldiers - one who named is property Rancho El Conejo - thus becoming the basis of the Conejo Valley.  Conejo means "rabbit" in Spanish, of which there are likely some tens of thousands living today throughout our valley.*

* Summary adapted from

Why Participate?

  • Draw attention to your location.

  • Support the Arts for at-risk youth, disabled adults and senior programs.

  • Be cutting edge! Join with other community leaders.

Art of the Tango by  Ann Krasner , placed at  Stonehaus  in Westlake Village, CA

Art of the Tango by Ann Krasner, placed at Stonehaus in Westlake Village, CA


  • A Cottontail sculpture can be purchased or sponsored for $5,000.

  • The purchase price for this piece of public art is tax deductible.

You will Receive

  • A one-of-a-kind Cottontail Sculpture, an original work of art.

  • Delivery of the completed Cottontail sculpture.

  • Recognition of your participation on our website and location of Cottontail on our map.

  • A short presentation for your business or organization about the Conejo Cottontails and Public Art.

Original sculpture by artist Cate Hartenstein

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