The Unveiling of "Rosie" at Westlake City Hall

On September 4, 2019, Rosie was officially welcomed to her forever home at Westlake City Hall. The funding for Rosie came from the City's commitment to public art. The proceeds from the sale of Rosie are being used to bring an arts program to the seniors of Westlake Village. Rosie was created by artist Judy Koenig.

The Dedication Celebration was preceded by a Shibori Banner making activity facilitated by Art Trek. The colorful banners were a fitting embellishment to the festive atmosphere. At the unveiling, Mayor Ned Davis quipped about famous rabbits in history including Peter Cottontail, Bugs Bunny, and the Trix Rabbit to name a few. Mayor Pro Tem, Kelly Honig spoke about the importance of public art and expressed her delight in seeing Rosie each time she entered the City Hall Building.

Throwback Thursday: The Unveiling of the Conejo Cottontail at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village

On Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 we unveiled our newest Conejo Cottontail sculpture at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. This cottontail drew from inspiration of the four seasons and brought to life by local artist, Jenny Manno.

Artist Statement Below:

“I’d like to thank Art Trek and the Four Seasons for this opportunity.

When Nan Young, asked me to be the artist for the Four Seasons community rabbit project, I jumped at the chance. The rest of the day I walked around thinking THE FOUR SEASONS!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??! By that afternoon it turned into… THE FOUR SEASONS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?? It hit me like a ton of bricks!! I had some VERY large shoes to fill! Thank goodness I had 8 months to make that happen.

I knew right away that I was going to paint the background a GORGEOUS retro turquoise color… which, may or may not also be the same color as my kitchen and my bedroom. Sorry honey!! It also HAD TO HAVE the FOUR SEASONS represented on it. The trick was, ALL four seasons had to be visible from all sides. THIS WAS NOT EASY!

In the 8 months to follow it went through two major repaints, many late night painting sessions in my living room as well as several trips to the chiropractor….

Finally!!! I was making headway!!

Then tragedy struck-BORDERLINE

I knew that I had to somehow represent and pay tribute to those that lost their lives on that day.

The bees became that symbol. They represent LIFE, STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE. I couldn’t think of a better way to tell the world that as a community, Thousand Oaks would heal and survive.

Fast forward 11 months from the day Nan asked me to be a part of this community project to us standing here today at the unveiling. I have learned a lot about myself during this journey. I discovered that I too am a lot like those bees. For that alone I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.” - Jenny Manno

Unveiling of the newest Cottontail at Carden Conejo Elementary

On September 28th, 2018 Conejo Public Art unveiled the latest Conejo Cottontail sculpture at Carden Conejo Elementary School in Westlake Village, CA.

”Thank you to Marjorie Sarnat, the wonderful artist; the fabulous Nancy Young, founder & executive director of Art Trek, Inc.; Julie Kim, CCPA Treasurer and “bunny” project manager; Dr. & Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Schmitz and the Carden faculty & staff for instilling in our children a lifelong appreciation of art, manners and giving back to our community.

Last but not least, thank you to our parents who brought a beautiful work of art to our campus, while also generously giving back to our community.” - Carden Conejo Parents’ Association

“Carden Conejo Cottontail” by Marjorie Sarnat

*Photos courtesy of Carden Conejo Elementary

Unveiling of "Hope" at Many Mansions

Today,  Many Mansions welcomed the newest Conejo Cottontail to the community, "Hope".  

Hope was unveiled this morning at Many Mansions Thousand Oaks office with numerous community members, staff, and supporters present. President Rick Shroeder of Many Mansions and Art Trek Executive Director Nan Young spoke about the Conejo Cottontails Project and the impact it has made on our community. 

This cottontail was designed and painted by artist Anette Power.

After the unveiling, Many Mansions invited the community to enjoy snacks and drinks and have a tour of their facility.
We look forward to bringing many more Cottontails to the Conejo Valley.

Unveiling of "Arnie" at Westlake Golf Course

On Thursday, April 26th, the Westlake Golf Course welcomed the newest Conejo Cottontail to the community, "Arnie".  

Arnie was celebrated by members of the Conejo Public Art Council, many golfers, Valerie Draeger, Triliad Development, Inc. and the Gene Haas Foundation who funded this wonderful piece of public art. This cottontail was created by artist: Crystal Michaelson

Although Arnie is the latest piece in our public art collection, he will be joined shortly by two more Cottontails. Their names and locations will be revealed later this summer. Stay tuned to see where our bunnies will be popping up next! 

Conejo Cottontails Luncheon

You're invited!

Attendees will enjoy an appetizing lunch while they learn about this vibrant public art project that is hoppin' all over the Conejo Valley. Meet the artists and learn more about this wonderful art project for our community.

Email to RSVP today! 

*This is a free event for businesses and individuals to learn more about Conejo Public Art and the Conejo Cottontails project.

CottontailLuncheon 2017.jpg

Watch the CRPD Cottontail go on adventures!

We currently have many Conejo Cottontails on display in our local community, but only one special rabbit gets to travel from place to place. This cottontail was designed and painted by local artist, Sheila Fein for the Conejo Recreation and Park District. Sheila included various aspects of what the Conejo Recreation and Park district is all about, from setting up yoga classes at a local park to a group hike in Wildwood park to Paradise Falls, this Cottontail has it all. There are so many adventures to go on and we needed an adventurous cottontail to take on the excitement! Follow Conejo Recreation and Park District on social media to follow are friend on all the adventures!!  Links below.

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Brooks Cottontail Dedication and Unveiling at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, CA

This morning at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza we unveiled one of our first and most precious Conejo Cottontails, Brooks. Brooks was designed and painted by world renowned artist, Hessam Abrishami with the late Jane Brooks in mind. Jane Brooks was a lover of the arts in our community, from curating art shows to collecting art from around the world. She did it all. Jane had this wonderful idea to bring large fiberglass sculptures of rabbits to the Conejo Valley, now 15 years later her dream is becoming a reality. We hope she is proud. 

Below you will find wonderful images from this great event. We hope to bring many more cottontails to the Conejo Valley. 

Touchdown Rabbit - "Go Rams!"

The newest Conejo Cottontail is open to the public! "Touchdown Rabbit" is currently on display at the Promenade in Westlake Village next to Cinepolis. This project was all possible with the support of Caruso Affiliated, The Los Angeles Rams, Art Trek, Inc. and the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley.  This cottontail was designed and painted by Los Angeles artist and textile designer, Eliza Day-Green . 

Cottontail Unveiling: Los Angeles RAMS

Thursday, September 7
The Promenade in Westlake Village


Cottontail Sneak Peek!

New Conejo Cottontail at The Stonehaus in Westlake Village, CA

Congratulations to artist, Ann Krasner! Her Conejo Cottontail - Art of the Tango, is now placed at The Stonehaus in Westlake Village, CA. Stop by and enjoy a gourmet meal and sip on custom roasted coffee as you take in the gorgeous scenery.  

Visit our artists page to learn more about the artist, Ann Krasner! Or simply visit

A new home for one of our Cottontails!

Artist Spotlight: Sharon Riley

Meet Sharon!

"Art has always been important to me. As a young child I remember my teachers giving me Prang Watercolors and I would paint outside during recess and take the set home to paint.  My artistic desire was the impetus to take art classes in college, explore different mediums at CSUN and CLU and earn a Masters in Education and minor in Art. I’ve enjoyed years of teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for art mediums with children in public school, the Santa Barbara Art Museum, education department, and the Fowler Museum. Presently I work in my studio mosaicking sculptural pieces and imprinting textural plates onto clay.

Being selected as one of the artists for the Public Art Conejo Cottontails Project gave me another opportunity to express myself artistically and emphasize the oaks in our beautiful landscape. Ancient Oak Lore symbolizes the tree as having attributes of “Courage, Strength and Protection”. It seemed natural to me to visualize the Conejo Cottontail encircled within the oaks making it’s home under the spreading branches of the majestic oak. The word “Enchantment” inscribed on the rabbit has a history in literature for children and adults reading fairytales, myths and folklore. Enchantment inspired my imagination to choose mixed media for mosaicking the rabbit using hand cut stained glass, gold smalti, handmade ceramic leaves and several colors of paint airbrushed for an ethereal expression. I believe this Public Art Cottontail and the other Cottontails will be viewed with pride in our community." - Sharon Riley

Check out more of Sharon's work on her website